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International Music Competitions 2020





Foudoulis’ Conservatory and International Art Society & Academy are organizing the International Festival Interartia 2020, which among others includes the International Music Competitions 2020 as well as Artists of the Year 2020 Competition

The Music Cometitions refer to  4 categories concerning all kinds and styles of Music, all Instruments, Voice, Music Ensembles and Composition


Participation entries have already begun.

Please send your application and works for the International Music Competitions as soon as possible
, for a proper holding of the organization.

The evaluation of competitors will be done in order of precedence according to the date the Competition Secretariat receives your application.








No age limit (owners of teaching or soloist's diploma etc)
Free programme not exceeding
10 minutes



For mucisians born after the 1st  January 1998

Free programme not exceeding 10 minutes



For mucisians born after the 1st  January 2002

Free programme not exceeding 8 minutes


For mucisians born after the 1st  January 2005

Free programme not exceeding 5 minutes




All the categories above apply.

All kinds and styles of music not exeeding 10 minutes






The prizes of the competition for all categories stand as follows:

From 90 to 100 points      1st Prize 

From 80 to 89 points        2nd Prize

From 70 to 79 points        3rd Prize

From 60 to 69 points        1st  Commendation

From 50 to 59 points        2nd Commendation

From 40 to 49 points        3rd  Commendation 


The 1st Prize winners (all categories) will participate in the Artists of the Year 2020 Competition.





  1. Musicians (amateurs or professionals) of all ages may participate with a free choice programme.

  2. The evaluation of the artists will be done with Visual aids (Links on YouTube or  DVD or USB).  

  3. The DVDs are sent under one’s own name in 2 copies. For the Composition Competition of Music Works, the scores are sent eponymously in 2 copies.

  4. The evaluation of the participants will be done in order of precedence according to the date of submitance of participation.

  5. For categories  B´, C´, and D´ a certificate (I.D., passport or birth certificate) confirming the age of the contestant is obligatory.    

  6. The Competition Committee may reject any contestant whose programme exceeds a lot the time required by the Competition rules.

  7. The number of prize-winners is of the free decision of the committee and is limitless.

  8. Prizes and awards will be sent by post.  The results will be permanently published on the site  www.artsociety.gr

  9. The participation fee is 50 € and concerns participation to both Competitions.
    For small Music Ensembles or Groups (maximum 7 persons)  the participation fee is 30 €
    for each member of the Ensemble or Group.  
    For Ensembles or Groups bigger than 8 persons the fee is 20 € for each member.

  10. The participation fee is not refundable.
    The participation fee is send by
    WESTERN UNION to the name: Christina Markidou, 1, Antonopoulou,  PC 38221  Volos, Greece 
    along with the Participation Form.   
    Participants will pay money transfer and post expences for their deposit and DVDs.






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